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Our Services


As your in-TECH partner, we understand your need and, more importantly, your constraint. That's why every of your business action is critical and need to happen in a strategic and well-thought-out manner. To assist, we offer distinguished consulting and strategy review for your technology or R&D work which normally take the logical sequence of fund seeking, website development and e-Commerce of your developed products. Depending on the development stage of your business, this can surely happen in different order. However, it needs to fit in the overall strategy and plan to be effective ...


Fund Seeking


Technology industry is a race with time. The path to commercialization or business growth could be a long journey that may drain away the value of your technology or R&D work. To look for professional consulting and coaching on how to seek funding to strengten your business, contact us.  


Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment for a face to face chat with us. 



Strategic Website


Today, website is a vital and effective mean to reach for your target customers; to tell the vision and distinctive edge of your technology and R&D work. Website could also be a good place to set up your online shops, email marketing campaign as well as to interact with your customers, both existing and potential.


Utilizing website in a smart possible way, it can be a great strategic tool to differentiate and strengthen your competitiveness. 


in-TECH Products


From time to time, we source and collect from our focus industries or customers catalogue of innovation technology products. We promote, organize technical workshops to show case them as well as to offer a quick and simple way to acquire them on-line from our website.  


Details of our products can be checked from the in-TECH store. Also, the event calendar contains our upcoming activities.

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