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APPS-based mobile patrolling, instant alert, review and reporting. This 6-month subscription plan provides: 


  • Android or iPhone Mobile APPS for photo capture;
  • up to 40GB total storage size over the subscription period;
  • One concurrent user login account; and, 
  • General email support.


Standard capabilities (for reference only):

  • auto-capture of patrol date/time and indicative address location; 
  • auto-capture of patrol route;
  • map-based operation interface in HK coordinates; 
  • map-based online display, tracking and on-screen alert;
  • map-based instant dispatch of job/task via Whatsapps and with generated ground location;
  • email notification upon job commencement;
  • calendar-based retrieval and query of past patrols;
  • online Excel reporting of patrolling activities;  and,
  • Google-based location identificaiton and site re-visit.


N.B. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

6-Month Standard Patrol hosting, field or outdoor tracking

  • User name and default password will be sent via email upon payment settlement. Password can be changed upon logon.

    For any queries or support, please consult us.

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