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Provison of a support staff for on-site illustration, hand-holding, tutoring or support to subscribed customer of ODEN-Drone or ODEN-Patrol to kick-start or get accustomed to the application. Except where other expressed, site refer to client's office/premise or other outdoor location with public access. Else, it may suggest to other arrangement or extra fee.


This service is to be offered within 09:00 to 18:00 in a normal week day and cover:

- Apps installation or setup; 

- Illustration, use or operation of Apps and the on-line map-based application;

- Trouble-shooting, diagnoisis and support; and,

- Required equipment (e.g. smart phone, drone) or other facilities to be provided by client.


Exact venue e.g. premises, outdoor location and meeting time etc. are to to be arranged seperately with the assigned support staff upon ordering and payment.


Per-call on-site support and tutoring

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