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Our in-Tech Tutor

How it work? 


1.  Before being our customer, you can have a one-time trial of our service. This                  provides an opportunity to ascertain yourself that our in-TECH tutor and service            can fit your needs. The trial fee is just HK$1. Alternatively, if you feel comfortable,          you are always welcome to subscribe directly.


2.  The in-TECH tutor service is charged simply by the complexity of your question or        precisely the number of question(s) needed to respond your query completely.              This will be determined through mutual discussion and consent between you and          our in-TECH tutor during the online chat process. Surely, our tutor will endeavor to        assist you with this. However, it would also be possible that no consent can be              reached. In this case, we look forward to your service next time.


3.  Last, there is no refund policy for in-TECH tutor service, so, please ascertain                  yourself before your payment. For enquiry, please feel free to contact us.


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